In order to install Mininux you will need two floppy (you can do with the forst floppy only but you will not taste the full power of Mininux ;) after downloading the two raw floppy images then:

  • Under Linux:
  • enter:
    dd if=bootdisk.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k
    dd if=pppaddon.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k
    You can also do: cat > /dev/fd0
    Voila! your disks are OK!

  • Under DOS/Windows:
  • Get rawwrite and use it for copying raw files to floppy.
    rawrite URL

    If you want to modify the first disk or simply spy my startup secrets you can extract the ext2 filesystem entering:
    dd if=bootdisk.img of=rootdisk.gz bs=1k skip=600
    gzip -d rootdisk.gz
    mount -t ext2 rootdisk /mnt/alien -o loop
    You will have the rootdisk of the first disk mounted into /mnt/alien
    For the addon disk it's even simpler, it's a tar.bz2 !

    For adding something (ex: a network card module) in the second disk you only need to do something like:
    bzip2 -dc disk2.img |tar -x
    Make changes then recompress it:
    tar cvf - mininux |bzip2 -9 > disk2.img
    Verify the disk is under 1440ko !

    If you manage installing the addon disk you must type 'addon' in the Mininux' shell.
    This files and my work is uder GNU Library General Public Licence, read it!